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About Me & TMM



I've led an extraordinary life that has been filled with art and music for as long as I can remember. Since returning to the Kansas City area from the U.S. Army in the early 90's, I've had a wonderful mix of advancing my business career and my art and music passions. I've been an executive and department head for a billion-dollar company. It was here I learned business-case development and advanced my leadership skills. In the meantime, I worked tirelessly to become a better musician and artist. 

In 1995, I published my first website and started a side business named "Venus Studios". I created J-Cards and CD sleeve art, along with flyers. By 2009, I had conducted enough research into the music business and created a business plan for a new organization, Saunders Street Records, LLC.  In 2010, I left a six-figure salary and marched into the great unknown.  Thirteen years later, I am in a different place completely. My time and my energy are finite. When it comes to projects, I find the most joy when I can leverage my greatest strengths to help others reach new horizons. Tiny Messenger Media is the next evolution of how I can make a difference helping others make a difference.

I have a unique background of business acumen, creative problem solving, and experience in the performing arts. Here is my resume at a glance...

  • Leadership - 30+ years

  • Web designer - 20+ years

  • Graphic designer - 20+ years

  • Recording Engineer - 15+ years

  • Pro Sound Technician - 15+ years

  • Music Marketing - 15+ years

  • Branding, Marketing & Advertising - 20+ years

  • Music Venue Owner/Operator

  • Video Producer

  • Talent Buyer

  • Working musician

  • Working artist

  • Business-case development/ Grant writing

For more information on my skillset, see my LinkedIn Profile.



Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. – Seneca

Today, I am aligning my aligning my aspirations with those in the musical community that are working hard to realize their own. Aspirations vary. Setting milestones and creating a strategy and plan for conquering each gives you your best chance for success. I set a goal of simply being someone notable in the KC scene and did just that. I also wanted to have a resume that qualified me to be voting member of the recording academy. I did that too. I wanted to own a venue. Check. They were all part of bigger plan and strategy. Big risk can equate to big reward but can also result in a hard trough to climb out from. Remember, billionaires take risks and lose with epic failures, but they keep swinging for the fences. The difference is most musicians don't have kind of financial backing to be too cavalier with their risk appetite. My strategic problem solving has been recognized and valued in the business world and I am making all of those tips and tricks available for anyone to learn who is ready for it.


I've had the privilege to work with many of KC's finest talent. I know the challenges the modern musician faces. Limited time and resources mean you need to investments you make in your passion, count. You can't take too big of risks. That is what I am narrowing the scope of what I feel provides the biggest value to you. I'm not a believer in "one size fits all". Lord knows, I mourned the days of wearing "one-size fits all baseball caps, which ended abruptly around the age of twenty. I have special head attire requirements. Lol. The moral of this story is your story is unique. You are your own brand and business. There is nothing cookie cutter about your individual circumstances and goals.  

The evolution to Tiny Messenger Media means taking a narrow path and focusing only on creating home runs for you while leveraging an array of colleagues with complimentary skills sets. Along my own incredible journey, I have also met some amazing designers, engineers, studio owners, photographers and others that touch the performing arts. I approach projects egoless. If it makes sense to leverage others in area I can do, but they have something that moves the needle more for reaching the goal, I'm the first onboard. I can also leverage my network of friends and colleagues to accentuate the end product. If I were a musician trying to maximize my impact, I would want the juice you get from working with me and Tiny Messenger Media.

Thanks for checking TMM out!




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