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Music Mixing & Mastering

I'm baaaaaack! If you are from the KC area, you are probably familiar with KC radio. KC's KKFI 90.1 has a long history of supporting local and regional music. One show in particular, Wednesday Midday Medley, has a rich legacy of featuring host Mark Manning's top 115 recording each year. This list consists of national releases and not just local. In 2011, I had 3 recordings on this list and 1 for 2015 that I mastered. Those who know, know. I can be trusted to make you sound your best. Hear for yourself! Pricing is below.

2024 Price guide

Simple. Straight forward. How about a fresh take on your prior work? Get that song remixed and remastered for $125. Same song remastered only: $25 (Sale ends February 10, 2024). After purchasing package, you will receive instructions for song submission/upload. Get new tracks mastered for same $25/song. Hurry offers end soon!

New Name,
Same Attention-to-

Many will recognize the Saunders Street Records logo and name from 2009-2016 projects and presence. I'm bringing that same professional expertise but with a more narrow focus. Do what you do very well and make it available and affordable to everyone. 

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